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removing bearing from drum

victor jones

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i got a brake drum fom the scrappies and need to knock the bearing out with my 30mm socket and forgot the direction i am going to hammer it out.

i took the circlip out and i am guessing the bearing will be hammered out against were the circlip was that means hammering from the side with the

wheel studs

it's a long story but the drum on the car has a worn inner race so the bearing has failed only after around a month of use but the garage who fitted it did tell me the bearing dropped in half way before the had to use hydrolic pressure to seat the bearing thats still on the car.

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i bought a new a new drum with bearing fitted as the old drum was worn and the new bearing i got fitted lasted a month 

just going to fit the drum but in the haynes manual there is no mention of using grease because it's a sealed bearing should i use grease


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cheers guys job done yeah 85 nm for wheel nuts   and 235 nm for hub i know the settings too well lol

the drum on the car has been a nighmare.

glad to bin it.

just to help anyone in the future that migh have the same problem i bought the drum with the bearing fitted from ford parts

the drum is matt black and the contact surface where the wheel contacts is silver this is where you put the copper grease to stop corrosion.

i have seen on auction sites offering ford parts with drums with bearings fitted there cheap and the drum is just silver and the bearing is just cheese.

please do not be tempted to buy one of those it could cost you your life i know thru experience 

i just mentioned this because everyone on here is a great help and if i can save anyone going thru what i experienced with my bearing 

disintagrating and my wheel comming off at 40mph.after 4 miles after fitting 

buy genuine ford parts or go to euro car parts or the scrappies and stay safe 

thanks guys


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