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I think I've reset my mpg because it was only showing 28.6 but now it wont set to a mpg it just constantly keep moving up and down any ideas how to set it.


Fiesta zetec s 2013

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Is there an option for 'instant mpg' and an 'average mpg' for the car? Perhaps try cycling through the trip computer options to check.

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Chances are you have the option for Instant mpg & average.

If you reset the average it'll take a good few miles to settle. it's worth resetting every couple of long journeys if you're bothered so you get a fresh average without having to wait for it to adjust

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Sounds like you've inadvertently selected 'instant' mpg rather than 'average mpg'.

Press the end of the left hand side 'stalk' to cycle the display until you get the read out you want.

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