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My MK6 Fiesta decided it dont wanna play nice anymore :(


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Well here I am again with yet another issue yet this seems to be very very weird and i hope someone else can shed light on it for me. 

I recently just changed the wing on the car. Before I started this the car would start just fine now it doesn't even let me turn the key to activate the electrics like the radio and lights. 

This is where it gets weird. There is the immobiliser light flashing on the dashboard saying its active, the light in the boot comes on and even better the interior light can be turned on without the key in the car. I can also activate the boot open button. Now this has always been this way its just I can put the key in the ignition and it allows me to turn it a little but not enough to turn on the power to the radio etc etc and this means i cant start the car either.

Bare in mind I do not have the headlights or fog lights connected as of yet as it has got late and dark :( However I could turn it on earlier with the lights out? I am wondering if the immobiliser has kicked in? If so how do I get rid of it? 

I do not have the fob key to set the alarm or anything i just have two keys. One that came with the car and one i got made by a proffesional key company and they said they inserted an immobiliser chip. I have tried both keys and neither work at all. 

I am so confused so any help will be thankful.

the car in question is a 2003 ford fiesta MK6 


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If the immobilsor had kicked in then the immobilisor light would be flashing fast or on solid.

The immobilisor won't stop you turning the ignition barrel either

Try disconnecting the battery & leaving it.

It's Normal to be able to use the interior light with the car locked for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the battery saver relay kicks in and switches it off until the car is unlocked again

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Well before your reply i did sit and wonder. What if the steering wheel has locked? So i go to the car turn the wheel both ways. one way felt springy so turned it that way which was left in this case, inserted the key and it turned and started :) After all that the wheel lock was stopping me turning the key XD

Me and this car ay :) 

Thanks for the help though mate


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