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Hi All, 


new here so sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, if so please could someone move to more appropriate place?? Thanks, 



Long story short have picked up a '05 plate Fiesta in a rough and ready state with a 1.25 engine in it, much to my surprise it flew through a mot. I have also recently acquired for a nice price a 1.6 engine out of a 55 plate Zetec S, my problem being at the minute, I've also not got the ECU, Wiring Loom, Key, or Transponder Ring with the 1.6 engine. I've been told this is a plug and play job and will just require my 1.25 ECU being remapped (however I'm dubious to this being the case) could someone please confirm I will need to source a ECU, and other bits listed above before I can carry on? Also, I was planning to use the 5 speed box from my 1.25 as when I bought the car I was told it had been fitted with a recon box 2 months prior, so would like to use this box with the 1.6 engine. Will this be ok?


Many Thanks


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You need an ECU, clocks, transponder ring & key from a 1.6

Good luck trying to get a 1.6 to run off the 1.25 ECU regardless of what map you throw at it.

Scrap yard job for the parts

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