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KA engine noise


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New to the forum so firstly hello icon_smile.gif 

The girlfriends had a KA for a months or so, thought it was a decent little car. 

its a 2003 1.3 duratec

Its started making a 'knocking' noise from the engine, i don't know how to describe it so I've recorded a video and attached it below.



Had the AA out and the mechanic suggested it could be the camshaft is loose, i had the rocker cover off and it all seems okay under there so I'm at a loss, any suggestions or ideas ?

Thanks in advance,





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Check the pulleys - water pump , distributor etc


Go  underneath and see if you can see anything wobbling or pinpoint where it is coming from with a length of wood or a pair of stethoscopes if you have one.


Does it get worse or increase frequency when you press the accelarator?


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