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Streetka Nightmare continues - Another failure point - Rust under the rear suspension arm?


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Oh dear Andy (bad cats) looks like i have to sell after all!!!!


Finally replaced the fuel pump (£20 off ebay) and my diagnosis was right the old pump was faulty causing all those not starting when driven for a while problems - obviously the sleeve in the pump  expanding and failing to turn when it got hot - tested the old one and it had completely failed in the driveway - taking the fuel tank out was easier than i thought it was the circlips on the breather and fuel filler that were the hardest to remove and those awful white and red connectors that plug into the fuel pump (man oh man it took me ages to figure out how to release them) - didnt even need to remove the exhaust as per the manual - did it my way and it was off in a jiffy - it seems these fuel tanks gather a lot of rust on the top as it was pretty bad so had to rub it down - jenolite and hammerite it.


Door handle on the passengers side broke - common fault but this is getting ridiculuous - its actually worse than my Rover 820si which seemed to develop a fault once a month but this Streetka seems one a week!


Problem is, I noticed just under one of the suspension arms some nasty rust - poked a bit and hey presto a nasty hole (is this a common failure point for rust on the Streetka as the rest of the underneath is spotless?) - so welded it up (glad the fuel tank was out - lol) but gonna have to sell it now as this will eventually fail - its a pretty serious failure point although the suspension seems ok - Bye bye Streetka - Hello AC Cobra!


So this will probably be my last post - thanks for all the help peeps (especially Andy) - I may even buy a Fiesta who knows!

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