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Any way to tell if my car is remapped?


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It feels pretty fast on the 0-60 but it's standard looking. It may just be me but for something that only has 120bhp it's no slouch down the bottom end.

Is there any way to tell if there is a map on it at all? 

It's a Fiesta mk7 Zetec S.


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nope, well not easily anyway, there are ways but you would need some gear to check it out, probably dump the ECU then compare against another one, its not like you could even do a checksum compare as other stuff may be different between cars.   

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Take the car to a tuning company, they should be able to acertain if the mapping files are standard or not.

Tbh, if you think it feels sporty then don't question it too much or else if you find it is mapped then you'll have to tell your insurance.

Renember- ignorance is bliss [emoji41]

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