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cooling fan problems


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I was driving my ford fiesta 2012 tdci..When my cooling fan started up and my car made a rumbling noise and lost a bit of power as i was driving, It seemed to do it for about 20 seconds then stopped...I had this about three times on a dual carriageway, When i pulled up and stopped the car the cooling fan eventually stopped also..After which the cooling fan never came back on and the car was ok...Any thoughts on what this could be!

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This probably isn't related but I'll mention it anyway, on my first car (98 plate saxo) I had this same issue with the fan being on after shutting the car off and it took 10mins to turn off this was due to a hole in my radiator which I failed to notice all the coolant pouring out of it. So just give your cooling system a good check over with the engine running. Its probably not this but better to be safe than sorry.

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