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Damn & blast


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Dual carriageway, ~40mph, dark 11pm, outside lane, not a single drink, suddenly a massive bang front offside, wtf was that? I maintain that a kerb jumped out into the road (i'll go back and look). Instant deflate & rim damage. Let the AA fit the spare, i've paid enough over the years, there in 10 mins. Next day find an alloy expert, new tyre then alloy bod sorts the wheel, brilliant. How much damage to the geometry, KwikFit super smart/make the tea/gubbins, should be £50 but £20 for pound notes in the pocket (if you know someone). Front offside tracking perfect, nearside 20' out, castor/camber fine.


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This made a massive bag when I hit it.

Was probably a dead animal like a badger, they'll bugger the car up.


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I've been back but don't see what it might have been.

Another prob now - went to use the car today, flat battery, measured 6v. Had to use the key in the fob to get in.

Charged it up, started ok but with a red battery symbol :sad:




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