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TomsFocus' STripey Fiesta ST


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I don't really do project threads but might as well keep it all together...  Basically I swapped this for the GTI6...yes, straight swap! :biggrin: 

Err it's blue and stripey...and I know very little else about these ST's!!  :laugh:   Apparently sub 150bhp but feels like more, quite surprised!  Sounds nice too with a Milltek exhaust.  Seats are nicer than my Focus full leathers as well which is kinda annoying lol.

Had a cleaning day at a mates yesterday and made it a bit too shiny to photograph...









This evening I gave it a proper check over as I'd just been driving it since the swap, it had been used daily so I assumed it'd all be pretty good with the odd niggle, and was right tbf.

Was given a pair of new droplinks with the car as there is a lot of knocking over rough ground so changed those.  The ones on there didn't look all that old but one of the ball joints out found was knackered.  Cost me nothing but hopefully that's cured one knock!

While I was down there I noticed these shocks and springs, are either standard?  I didn't think it'd been lowered but looks like it has?



Had a good poke around with the pry bar as I'm sure there's more than one knock.  All the usual culprits (TRE's etc) seem solid but the lower ball joint on the nearside seems to have a small amount of up & down movement.  It is such a small amount I'm wondering if I'm imagining it lol.  The BJ is riveted one so looks like a new wishbone if so, but I'm also wondering if it could be an issue with the hub ovalling or the wrong size pinch bolt used?  Just don't want to buy a wishbone and find it's not that at fault.  Tracking needs doing though so I want this sorted asap first.


Whilst in that area, I also noticed the wheel bearing sounds rough.  Can't feel any movement in it, and I can't say I've noticed it on the road either, but that's definitely the bearing, right?  Easy to change or not?  One of my garage mates has a press if it needs pressing in?

The lower engine mount is laughably dead...can move the entire engine with a little finger from underneath...that'll be partly why I'm making a fist of pulling away lol.


Gear oil leak, from the sensor I guess?  Might clean that up at some point!


Whilst the front was up I checked what I could of the air con system as that's currently not working.  All looks ok and I cant see any dye so 'may' just get away with a regas.  Have a garage mate that can do that for trade price hopefully!

And then this happened.  FML. :sad:  I wasn't sure if these were 95Nm or 110Nm torque...either way, it didn't make 95!  Not that fussed about changing them, anyone that saw my previous wheel nut thread will know I'm looking for a set of solid nuts for the Focus - so the rusty ones with the separate washer from the Focus can go on here, worked out quite well lol.  Problem is I have no idea how to remove this now.  All I can think is remove the others, then hammer the key onto this one as well as possible and hope it takes it off even if it chews it more.  With the spinning outer I'm not sure how else to remove it!?


Noticed a bit of dampness around the NSR and worried it was brake fluid for a few minutes, then saw it was just a leaky shock which is much easier to deal with lol.  That'll need replacing though!


Yesterday my mate let me know a brake bulb was out (typical, checked all the others lol) so replaced that with a spare I had, free fixes ftw.


As the boot was open and I hadn't found anything loose round the rear I decided to strip that out to find yet another knock...found it!  I guess that pouch isn't standard, would've come with a polystyrene organiser thing originally surely?  Not much I could do about it except wedge the pouch under the wheel so hopefully it cant move over bumps...we'll see lol.


Want some drivers mat clips, hopefully they're cheap!


Would like to change the blue dash for standard - if anyone wants to swap let me know, otherwise I'll buy one and stick this one on gumtree.  And a standard headunit as well ideally!


I don't really have much budget for this so trying to get it sorted as cheaply as possible.  Just to recap -

Soon as possible fixes:
Ball joint/Wishbone (purchased) *Fitted*
Wheel bearing (Going to leave for now) *Leaving*
Tracking (Booked) *Done*
Lower engine mount (Purchased) *Fitted*
Locking wheel nuts (Purchased) *Fitted*
Rear shock (Purchased) *Failed*

Would be nice fixes:
Air con regas & AC bomb (Booked/Purchased) *Regassed & Freshened*
service (Ordered) *Done*
Performance panel filter? (Purchased) *Done*
PAS fluid change (Ordered) *Done*
PCM Update (Diag tool ordered) *Attempted - On latest Version*
Dash change (Still no luck!) (Purchased) *Done*
Stereo change (No luck here either) (Purchased) *Done*
Paint calipers (red I guess) (Have paint) *Painted*
Gear surround change (already purchased and in transit) *Fitted*
Gear ring (Still needed) (Purchased) *Done*
Yellow fogs? (Have tint paint) *Done*
Boot popper (Purchased with the above) *Fitted*
Mat clips (Gonna leave for now) *Leaving*
Rim kerbing touch up (are they in Ford Sea Grey?) (Ordered) *Bought - Not Sea Grey!*
Air freshener *Fitted*
ST Keyring :tongue: *Used a spare Powerflex keyring lol*

That's it for now!  Gonna be interesting sorting that all cheaply lol.



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The 'wheel bearing' noise could be the brake pads skimming over the disc as you spin the wheel. 

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Blue, either dark blue or light blue brake callipers dunno why think they would look ace on that car instead of typical red :)

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Sometimes it is that Gary but I'm sure I can hear a 'rolling' noise rather than a scuffing.

I've probably got some blue hammerite tbf, both light and dark lol.  I've had lots of silly colour brakes over the years! :laugh:  I just thought they were meant to be red lol.  Might have to have a look at a few others and see!


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Sorry Tom forgive me for being stupid but what did you swap this for?

Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk

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As in the reason or the car lol?  I had a 1999 Peugeot 306 GTi6 for sale - someone offered me the ST as a straight swap and I couldn't really refuse lol.  Each to their own really but I prefer more modern stuff (as modern as budget allows anyway!) and the guy I swapped with prefers retro Peugeots so worked out well really.  But financially I got the better end of the deal.


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Got a replacement boot popper and lower dash fitted today which is a start!  And ordered a wishbone, rear shock and lower engine mount.

Just seen the Fiesta Haynes doesn't cover the ST though, so does anyone know the tightening torques for suspension stuff etc?

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Nice st good swap !

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So I'd better update this with all the latest !Removed! ups lol.

So new bot popper works well


Current fleet


Some parts came yesterday


I further ruined the broken locker with a chisel before finding a much easier way to acquire a new set of alloys. ;)


Swapped lower engine mount - Bilstein not as good quality as Ford



Painted calipers with Hammerite Oxford blue - had it left from last years GTi6 lol


New set of lockers turned up, about £8 inc postage next day, no damage to lockers or key


Fitted new wishbone.  This has cured the knock but was a complete pain to remove from the rear bush the small bolts were so tight I bent one removing it!  Dissimilar metal corrosion I assume?


Damn shock leaking oil all over the carpark... :sad: 


Then I completely ruined removing it so it's still leaking all over the car park. :(


Just been out and damaged a stupid sidewall on a pothole...how anyone gets on with low profiles I have no idea.  Stopped at the petrol station to fill it up to get me home...and notice this has happened to my freshly painted caliper.


I honestly give up!!

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Had a slightly more productive day today lol...

Sorted the air con as in the other thread using these -




Followed up with an air con bomb to freshen it up inside and then added a blue Jelly Belly as fed up with magic trees that only last half an hour.  Theyre also on offer in Tesco atm so the Focus got a black one lol.


Also swapped the green 'someone was gullible enough to pay for nitrogen in their tyres' dust caps for some black ones as the green kept drawing my eye in annoying way, added an extra colour that didn't match anything.  Removed 3 remaining mudflaps also.


Give it a quick wash (hope Kieran doesn't read this bit lol)...single bucket, watering can, window cleaner, quick detailer and tyre black.  Tried the Sea Grey touch up on an alloy...they're very much NOT sea grey though so quickly gave up there lol.  Then yellowed the fogs with some amberlight that I had spare.  Not sure how bad they look now as it rained shortly after but we'll see I guess lol.




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Sounds like you had some bad luck but it's looking (and probably smelling) better with every post!

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Nice little car that. Love the MK6 ST

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Couple of beading shots at a rainy VW show today!



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Just had proper 4 wheel alignment done...Surprising how much better it drives when the wheels are pointing the same way. Big Grin Steering wheel is dead straight now and there's no wheel wobble up to...err...70 of course. Wink Seriously though, this is the first time I've actually been pleased with wheel alignment, definitely worth paying extra for it done properly rather than through one of the chains imo!!

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So today I sprayed some carb cleaner around


And swapped out the manky old filter for the Pipercross one, wasn't much more expensive than a genuine standard one anyway lol.  I know it won't add power or anything!  Has deepened the intake note slightly though which I wasn't really expecting due to all the resonators in the intake, ducting is similar to the GTi6 stuff.  Does seem a small filter for 150bhp though doesn't it! :lol:


Annoying pipercross put their name on the wrong side of the ST filters...great advertising lol...


Then I did a PAS fluid change as well, just let it run out of the return line into a bottle, topped up and bled then did the same again.  It's not perfect but I didn't have enough fluid for a third flush and it is far more pink than it was before lol!



In other news, the new dash console and radio have arrived so will hopefully bang those in this evening!

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Finally got rid of the horrific dash this evening!!  It's no secret I cant stand anything non-standard inside my cars lol, but why people colour code dash's I don't know, worst part is it was shiny so reflecting off the windscreen and obviously the paint all cracked in the heat.  Then of course there's the single DIN stereo in a double DIN hole with one of those cheap, nasty, useless cubbys, neither of which fit the adapter properly, and obviously you can't use the steering controls and end up with no clock display and a gaping hole on the dash computer...so yeah, people go to a lot of time and expense to ruin things and I really don't get it... :laugh: 







New stuff in, yay! :D  Better already...but I don't have any Ford specific stereo keys so better make sure the code works before pushing it home lol.  Bought it cheap to due to lack of code...no problem though. :wink: 

Woop, code works, radio works...miles better reception and sound quality than the aftermarket crap!!


Wasn't expecting this though lol, thought the time would pop up there, not the station...cant really see the point haha, the Focus doesn't do that!


All standard again, so much nicer, best thing I've done to it I think lol!!




The awful dash and rubbish stereo will be for sale if anyone wants them...I'm no salesman as you can tell haha.


Also, could one of the staff move this thread to the 'build thread' forum, didn't even realise we had one of those lol.  @alexp999 or @stef123 maybe?  Not really sure who else is staff on here, I don't get into forum politics lol.

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So, been driving this to lots of meets and shows lately...and it's awesome tbh...  Definitely not wanting another GTi6 anytime soon lol! :laugh: 

Current average is apparently 32.5mpg which I can't complain about, that's about what I used to average in 1.8 306s, GTi6s never passed 30mpg lol.


Final parts arrived today - not overly happy about the lack of box and damaged paint on the filter considering it was from fordpartsuk but I suppose it'll work just as well lol.  Had to use them as seem to have lost touch with my usual Ford supplier. :sad: 


Found the sump plug was rounded in the 'tighten' direction so knew it'd be a 'word I cant say on here'...I ended up rounding it more. :(  So borrowed a mates oil suction pump and will do it that way instead!


Changed the coolant res cap that explodes on every removal... 



New one


I know you'll probably hate these dust caps but I like them, and dilligaf :tongue: carries on the colour theme too. Caliper looks pretty bad but it's only brake dust/disc rust lol.



Still got a leaky tyre that I really need to do something about, but it does seem to hold air for a few days which is weird, roughly 12psi after 4 days and being extra load don't look any different lol, I can just feel it in the steering so pump it up a couple of times a week.  Had a proper look for a puncture but couldn't see one, valve doesn't seem to leak.  But I did notice this... :s  The edgewear is from the previous poor tracking but do you reckon that damage will have gone right through the tyre??


Also got rid of the wonky bent plates for some pressed ones.  This is the second set after the first set I bought didn't have the BS number or post code so I got a refund on them...and now have a spare pair of useless plates lol.


Sad times in the fuel department though, promised myself I wouldn't buy more than one tankful a month...didn't realise how easily I'd use a tank in it! :s  Probably shouldn't go further than that though lol.


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looks a tidy car you got there and love what you have done so far

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oil change completed so that's pretty much it for my original list!

Would like to touch up the alloy kerbing but no idea what colour they've been done in so not sure what I can do about that!?

And do need another tyre to replace that damaged one.

But apart from that, time to just have some fun in it now!  :biggrin: 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So, just had the new tyre fitted...  Turned out the old one had been run flat for so long it was full of rubber lumps inside which were causing the wheel bearing noise lol. :unsure: Though that does mean it was damaged before I got it, not on the pothole that I thought it was!




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at leat you know the wheel barings are not shot

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