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hey guys probably sounds stupid but better safe than sorry. 

Anyway my car is in need of a new water pump and poly V belt. This means I need to jack up the car to get the wheel and all that off for easier access. 

My questions are can I use the bar at the bottom of the car (shown in the picture) to place my 2 tonne axel stands. Also should i just jack up the side i need and use one axel stand and the jack? and the wheel? 

Second question is what would be good practice to jack up at this angle. The side i need is the left side so the side on the base of the incline? 

I own a 2 tonne car jack long wheel base, a pair of 2 tonne axel stands, metal chocks for wheels. Oh yeah where would I chock the wheels if i want only one side? 

I have included some pictures with some notes which may make answering my questions easier. 

Cheers Guys




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The Jacking and axle stand points should be in your owners manual if you have one. You can put the chocks behind both rear wheels. You should be ok with just putting one axle stand under the side you jack up, just make sure that it is under a solid member, not under the floor pan or sill.

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