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door bounces back open when trying to close


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My partner has recently got herself a new Zetec black edition.  Since we got it, when trying to close the doors they bounce back open, you have to give it a good slam to close, we are in talks and been back to the dealer more than once , they took a look at the air pressure vent and this is OK, they are unsure why this is happening, one of the silly mechanics said we would have to open another door so the air pressure escapes so we can close the door we are using! yeah right.  

I thought it maybe the door striking plate, but they have told me its no adjustable ( i know older cars you could adjust )

We are still in talks with the ford dealer and we will be going back for a 4th time with the car, but in the meantime, seeing if anyone has experienced this problem and/or suggestions what could be causing it? 

thanks in advance

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Just one door or all of them?

If it's just one then it sounds like somethings out of line.  I have had this a few times but on older cars, can be the latch or striker out of line, hinge/check strap loose or the rubber seals sitting proud. 

If all of that is fine then you should think yourself lucky you've got one of the few well sealed ones...no leaks for you haha! :biggrin: 


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