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Ka saga continues


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Hi. I have a 2001 Ford KA with 1.3 Endura engine. The car has a weird problem that I can't get to the bottom of. Symptoms ...starts easily and idles smoothly. Soon as throttle applied engine shakes and runs rough (running on 2-3 cylinders?). After a few seconds (after taking foot off throttle)engine returns to smooth idle. Also I hear a kind of clicking noise coming from the thermosat area (but don't see any relay there).Have fitted new thermostat by the way. This noise eventually disappears as the engine gets warmer.
When the engine warms up (quite hot) the problem seems to go away PROVIDED I have interior heater fan on setting 3 or 4. With fan off or on setting 1 or 2 the motor runs rough then returns to smooth idle. Engine fan is kicking in but at quite high temp. Thought I would replace coolant sensor for a start but not confident this will solve the problem. What is the relationship of internal heater fan with the running of the engine? Somehow turning this fan on to high setting seems to settle the engine down. Should I be looking at relays as well?


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heater control valve maybe the culprit. i would also change the plugs and ht leads.

i think the vid is for a fiesta but its the same for the ka but you may need to remove the plastic bulk head and the Wiper Blades


link here






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