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How do I get my memory stick to work on KA Trend +


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I have just bought a KA Trend + 2016 model.  I am able to get my iPod to play via an adaptor that plugs into the AUX socket no problem. When I tried to play music from my memory stick I couldn't get it to work.  I bought an adaptor that goes into the cigarette lighter that has an USB port.  I plugged the memory stick into the USB port and I tried to get it to play by pushing the AUX button, the radio button and the CD button but I just can't get it to play. Any ideas?  Do you think that I might need a cable that goes into the AUX socket (with a round plug like a head phone jack) , that has an USB socket on the other end?  I don't even know if this type of cable exists.

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The player only supports usb sticks and memory cards formatted with the FAT32 operating system disk formatting structure.
Your stick maybe formatted with FAT or NTFS or if using Linux Reiserfs, exfat or other!
I believe it can also be affected by which allocation unit size you are using (4096, 8192 etc).
In other words it a techie geek problem!

In short I have never encountered as rubbish a piece of so called professional software as the Ford Sync nonsense - its clearly been rushed out and not black box tested properly - i have had problems with it myself setting it up on my mothers Fiesta and getting it to work with Nokia Smartphones etc Its a piece of sh*t!

Fords players are also very finicky about certain cards and sticks - if you are using a card / stick with inbuilt security like a SANDISK it wont work.

Try a USB dongle and not a memory card as these have a lot of issues with convertors.

Plug stick into usb socket and press AUX - Should bring up something around the lines of "usb stick initialising"

If it doesnt your card or the format or security on your card isnt recognised - it isnt worth fiddling around with it when you can buy an 8GB USB stick on eBay for £5.

If you take it back to the dealer or you know a competent computer person you could try upgrading the firmware on the radio / player which apparently fixes some problems!

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I doubt the Ford garage knows the difference between Fat32 and a Fat man Del!

Our local Ford garage are remarkably inept - the usual British attitude of 50% service , 50% effort prevails.

Go to Germany or Slovakia and its a totally different story - they put us to shame!


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" I bought an adaptor that goes into the cigarette lighter that has an USB port. "

I don't think that would work as its only a power out socket

Plug it into the cars USB socket, try different usb drives (can you borrow one from a usb drive that works in another car - try yours in theirs as well.


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