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1.4 TDCi - Performance findings


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Hi all,

I have been using my car as a testbed to try a few things out, I have found the below combination to give the best 'bang for your buck' after finding that the whole airbox is quite restrictive:

  • Induction kit fitted to the OEM MAF and pipework replacing the OEM airbox (MAF is 60mm, most kits come with a 76-60mm adaptor)
  • EGR blanking
  • Removal of the doser butterfly valve
  • Injector cleaner (diesel purge)

The benefits of these steps are:

  • Increase in throttle response and free-er revving
  • Increased MPG (now inline or above OEM laboratory reading)
  • Turbo spool now much lower, starting at around 1,250, better mid range pull

I have also found that the engine does tweak the fueling inline with the MAF sensor, the induction kit now give the engine all the air it needs and can sometimes flag up an engine code due to a high airflow.

I unplugged the MAF to test the other day and the car was rather slow - this is due to a huge amount of extra air going into the engine not being matched by the fueling (the engine would be running on a fixed fueling map without the MAF). Plugging the MAF back in restores power back and increasing the fuel inline with the air flow through the MAF.

I have found that with a simple mod the car has responded part way to a remap - its not as good as a remap as the injectors wouldn't be mapped differently but I have found that the MAF does increase the fueling to a different part of the stock OEM fueling map.

Cost of the mods came to around £30 plus about £10 more on insurance a year, and has increased the drivability of the car no end, I read many reviews that the car feels 'slow' or 'sluggish' and have found its the OEM airbox that is the issue. Everything else on the car is stock, the exhaust doesn't really need to be modded at all as the turbo is so small, I would recommend those who are looking to remap to simply fit an induction kit (not a drop in filter) and seeing if the car feels better for them.

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