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Drum paint


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Hi all can someone confirm or point me in the right direction if this is the right hammerite paint that i can use on drums, oviously im going to remove rust and dirt and cover car just was to know if this will be alright to do the job


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I agree. While drums don't get as hot as the front calipers, they can get hotter than standard spray paint is rated to. Best to be on the safe side and not potentially cause a brake fire. High temp paint is a bit more expensive but can also be used on our car's silly shiny standard back box, and other non-high temp applications. 

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I've always used Hammerite on calipers and drums no issue, both brush and spray.

Used poundland rubbish on the Focus drums and it's still the same 2 years later...its not like the drums dissipate any heat anyway... :rolleyes: 

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