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Performance Upgrade

Tom Cluke

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Evening all, 

I've recently had my Fiesta150 remapped but it isn't that noticeable to me. Remap apparently increased BHP by 10-15%. 

I've been looking at induction kits but don't really know where to go from here. Can anyone recommend if this would be worth the money. Can you feel a decent increase in performance? Also, would an induction kit effect the sound? 


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Normally aspirated petrols are known to not get noticeable gains from remaps.  And you ideally should have remapped after installing any mods.

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Remapping an NA is pretty pointless unless you have done a lot of work, best to just accept the car as it is, the induction kit will however help throttle response - fit the bolt on mods then get the car remapped to suit those mods.

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