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Ford Fiesta MK7.5 Rear washer jet spray missing window! Please Help!


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I recently added the large rear wing spoiler to my standard 14 plate fiesta. However whenever I go to wash the rear screen with my wiper the jet shoots most of it onto the floor or lower bumper of my car. This is because I have essentially pushed out the light bar because the spoiler is bigger. I have tried moving the little red washer jet but it won't budge and only stays in the one position. I doubt other fiestas like st versions have the same problem with their rear washers. Can someone please tell me if I'm missing something? Or even better if someone has also done this and has the same problem as me, thanks! Any help is appreciated!



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My Fiesta had the standard spoiler and had a genuine ford zetec s spoiler purchased & painted and I fitted the spoiler myself using the original brake light but with the supplied extensions for the washer jet pipe, washer jet hits the top of the window just above the wiper blade.

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Here we go,  my sons pall call around today with his fiesta with the st spoiler on., on inspection the washer was the same but it was black not red. also on my light fitting the washer jet was glued in and his was not. Then we looked at the spray .The slot on the st is in a total different position. so we decided to have a go at releasing the red jet unit. After a bit of gentle   movement it broke free so i was able to remove it . Then i copied and marked were the slot is on the st one is on mine a few swipes with the junior hack saw just to score it .next get a small flat blade screwdriver the same size as the original slot and heat it up with a lighter and gently press it into the hacksaw mark taking time not to make it to large. then fill the old hole up with small amount of silicone and its job done. Thanks scot for your help.

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if you can get a look at one you will be surprised how close the slot is to the lens .just a few mm up. mark it up when it is in place then remove it to cut and and hot screwdriver.

also put the cold screwdriver back in when you fill the old slot don't put to much silicone in.  also keep thinking about the angle when you use the screwdriver .good luck.

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