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1999 ford fiesta heating

sam wyatt

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is temperature guage showing a reasonable reading (to confirm it has not had the thermostat removed to try to stop it overheating so quickly if it had an overheating problem).

do the hoses under bonnet feel hot including those going to heater (be careful under there, do not burn yourself and don't have any loose clothing dangling in the engine bay).

does the heater control knob feel like it is moving something as opposed to going round loose like it has become disconnected.

is there any way you can see what goes on behind the controls (like is the glovebox removable like in the later fiestas - I do not know what it's like in a 1999 model)


I recall a friend having this problem with a Corsa and after checking loads of stuff we could only come to the conclusion that the heater matrix was clogged with sediment so the water would not flow through. we could not face the job of fixing it so she just put up with it.


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