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Help with Mods for 2006 facelift Fiesta Ghia


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Hi guys, Im starting to modify my fiesta and was wondering if you guys could help.

I was going to change the front lights for black twin halo ones, seen the lights need the auto leveller off the original lights, has anyone fitted these are they an easyish DIY job and is fitting the sidelight to light up the halo's easy?

I want different back lights but being a 5 door only seen the lexus style ones but they are only up to 2005 as I believe they used to do a loom adaptor to make these fit the new cars but dont anymore does anyone know any other companies doing them or any other rear lights for the facelift models?

Do you know if the 17" alloys from ST150 MK7/MK8 will fit straight on my car, I assume the offset etc is the same, was going to with normally ST 17" wheels from a 2006 but most sets ive seen need a refurb where the price is almost as much as buying a decent 2 yr old set on the trader.





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Firstly hello and welcome Tony

Secondly this section is for introduction only.

Welcome to Ford Owners Club. This area is for new members introductions only. Please DO NOT post questions relating to car issues here as they may get removed. Please use the main categories to select the car model you wish to talk about. Thanks!

So you should post in the dedicated fiesta section. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/1-ford-fiesta-club/

check the guides out at the top of that page as your question may have already been covered.

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