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steering wheel controls


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Ive got a spare set of controls for a prefacelift you can have for p&p. Theyre red instead of blue (my steering wheel currently has red CC but it should be blue haha)


It will work fine and its a  cheap easy possible solution

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Further to this -

On 10/11/2016 at 1:53 PM, winemart2 said:

Disconnecting the battery may well fix it. I took mine for it's 2nd service last week with the music buttons playing-up (as usual). Collected the car and it's fine again for a few days no doubt, then it'll be back to stupid.

Garage phoned to say new buttons had arrived. I said forget it, it's working fine and I believe it's a Sony dab/canbus problem.

Ahhh, we can't return them so you'll have to have them fitted. Seems to me, any electronics problem and you're doomed.

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yh its strange mine have been working since exept this morning where i was trying to change the volume but it was changing radio station not sure if iv pressed somthing but not sure whats going on.

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