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Heating advice - Heating Control valve (HCV)

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Hi All

Was just after a bit of advice on the heeding system on a streetka/ ka.

Driving my wife's streetka the other day it was a hot day and although I had the top down I turned the air to cold and noted it's is coolish but not as cold as I would expect.  If I turn the heater dial to hot it heats up nicely so it seems controllable.  Reading up on the heater control valve which is a common fault across Fords I get the impression that when they go you either get stuck on hot or cold air depending on which way the valve is stuck but it doesn't mention if you can still control the temp.  As I can still turn from coldish to hot is it likely to be the HCV causing the problem?  When the car was serviced the other week the air con system failed a pressure test so I suspect that needs a new condensor unit so we are just using the basic heating system currently.  Not massively bothered but as these cars seem to accumulate lots of niggles/ faults I  gradually trying to work through them as time/ more allows.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated?  I am tempted to buy a HCV and fit it myself as I found a guide and it doesn't sound too hard but didn't want to waste money and time if it's not likely to be the problem.

Word of advice too from what I read, don't buy one of the £12 aftermarket HCV units you see on ebay as they don't appear last more than a few months.  But the genuine Ford one which is about £40, I. E. buy once.

Thanks in advance.

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Very common fault as u say.....mine works like yours, stays coldish on cold and goes warm /hot with slightlest touch lol ...and thats had everything changed at dealer..bill was £400+ lol.....i tend to just leave mine alone now...as for lots of niggles, yeah they seem to get issues...but ive had mine 3 months and been faultless so far. Touch wood

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go for genuine ford mate and 5 litres of coolant, flush the system out, remove hcv replace refill, leave gap off, and heaters on full and rev above 3000rpm to let any airlocks clear

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Thanks mate will give that a try 

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