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Fiesta track rod removal


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I've recently bent my passenger side track rod on my fiesta st-line 2016 model. I've removed the track rod from the wheel hub and the rubber gater. I've also removed a green clip from the inner track rod but I can't unscrew it from the steering rack. I do have a replacement that has flats on it for a spanner but the currently fitted one doesn't. As a result I've been using mole grips to try and loosen it but I've had no luck so far. Do I need a special tool to loosen it, or is there an alternative way to remove it?

Any help would be appreciated. 





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Okay thanks. I was hoping there would be an alternative way to removing the steering rack because it seems like quite a big job! Thanks any way, I'll see what I can do. 


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Just thinking out loud, and therefore treat with some skepticism, might there be a possibility of grinding some flats with a Dremel to give you more purchase without needing to remove the rack?

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Any chance you could use a pair of stilsons to grip it turn the steering to full lock on that side will give you more room to access you shouldn't have to remove the rack as that would mean dropping the subframe


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