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Bonnet not fully locking down


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2011 1.4 Fiesta Zetec. I opened the bonnet today to do the usual engine checks but Noe can't properly lock it down, it just grabs the first latch but no matter how hard or softly I slam the bonnet down, it won't go all the way to the second lock. I sprayed the lock mechanism with WD40 hoping the magic stuff might do the trick, but nah! 

To be honest I can't quite figure out how the mechanism actually works to tell if anything looks untoward

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yeah, sorry busy week. In the end I just needed oil and grease. The trouble was I didn't know what the mechanism should look like when it correctly works. Comparing it with someone else's Fiesta I could see that something was obviously sticking, so some Bute force WD40 and grease eventually stopped the sticking

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