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induction kit


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hi all

someone on facebook is selling an 1.0L full r sport stage three induction kit

it will fir my car but i have not got it remapped, will this still work as its stage 3 

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turns out he had sold it so im going for a J1 kit instead 

also does anyone know of somewhere cheaper i can get a j1 kit its £208 on sico developments thats the cheapest iv found. 

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I had one for sale a bit back, got rid of it for £190 ish -brand new.. also got a brand new secondary pipe for the 1.0 and an alloy crossover pipe if your interested mate?

I've now got an ST-3 so no need for these parts.. I bought them brand new from auto specialists and put them on my 1.0 for like a day or two, before taking them off because of the ST i was getting. 

(Your gunna need a secondary intake hose for a better/more noticeable intake noise)



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