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Smell of fuel at startup


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Hi all,

A few days ago when I was leaving work I could smell fuel when I started up the engine and drove off. I didn't think anything of it since I had the same thing happen with my old Vauxhall Corsa (Don't judge! It was a first car:P). Anyways, a friend at work also said that it was running a bit rich and that I should get it retuned. If they are right, does anyone recommend anywhere I could get this done in Romford?

Thanks in advance.

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On 28/06/2017 at 9:26 AM, Russ said:

Did you check under the bonnet incase there's a fuel leak?

I don't see any signs of a leak anywhere. I'll get it to a garage. 

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An OBD reader can be a useful tool to have for a variety of reasons but in this instance you could use it to read the pre-cat oxygen sensor output and fuel trims to determine whether it is running rich/lean.

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