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2.0tdci dpf sensor?


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Hi guys,

I have a 2.0tdci Focus 06 144k miles. I live quite rural and regularly drive 100 miles per day  (60 of which is motorway/country lanes).

A few weeks back on the motorway I lost all accelaration power. The engine still idled but would not accelerate. I pulled over, restarted the car and all was fine. Approx 1000 miles later engine management light came on with p2453 and p2454 (apparently meaning the same thing?) and went into limp mode and has got progressively worse.

Anyway I assumed this was somehow the dpf, so I cleared codes and took it to 4k revs for 15 minutes. I've done this approx 5 times. 3 of the 5 times I've had a white puff of smoke but this doesn't cure the codes or limp mode.

It would appear I have to accelerate it up to 4k revs for a few minutes before it decides to drive normally. It will at some point inevitably go into limp mode again though. 

Any ideas what this is?


I've tried to follow the pipes on the sensor located next to the battery and couldn't seem to find a hole. Could it be the sensor itself? Or something else?

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