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Just bought a zetec s 2007 1.6 petrol, wondering what performance mods i could do? Already have stainless decat manifold and full system


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OK, you've got the exhaust.  Intake and a remap on top of that will liberate about 8-10BHP in total.  Beyond that you're into the realms of big money for head work, cams, forged pistons, lattice or girder rods etc.

1.7 Puma engine swaps are virtually plug and play, and give an instant 25BHP.  Probably cheap than the intake and remap.

2.0 ST motor is also easier than swapping an M & S cardigan and brings 49 BHP, but weighs a bit more and requires front suspension mods (ST or diesel springs GS).

2.0 Zetec engines from a Focus or Mundano are a little harder, but not all that tricky. 2.0 ST170 motor from a Focus will go but is probably the hardest of all and requires the 'box as well.

In your shoes I'd do the Puma conversion.  A good power hike, best extra bang for buck.  Max edge, minimum wedge.



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