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Service not up to scratch.


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Had my Fiesta serviced yesterday 03/06/17 first service on car as it is 1 year old 6549 miles.

Put car in garage last night this morning after taking it out I had a pool of oil where the car had been. Rang my Ford dealer and was told to bring the car back Monday as no service engineers will be in until then.

last year when I had a service on my old Fiesta when I got home the coolant top had not been tightened, the service log had not been completed,my dash cam had been disconnected and plugged back into the external ariel socket.

any one else have problems with servicing? Do I just bite my tongue or do I express my dissatisfaction?

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service can vary wildly from dealer to dealer, and the brand seems to have little to do with the standard.


Its worth a moan.  Recently my Dad took his XC 90 for a service.  He was told the brake discs were worn and needed replacing.  He checked them himself with a micrometer and they were well in spec.  He complained and they got bolshy, asked him what he knew about the subject.  He pointed out he was a retired metallurgical engineer with a masters degree in the subject.  He got his next service for free.

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This is something you really should complain about.   If only to protect the next poor bugger that gets his car serviced by the same idle mechanic.

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