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Legality of rear light tints


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Hello :)

I've had my rear lights tinted, looks really smart and I'm happy with the result.


One of my colleagues has been a killjoy and been reminding me all morning that the lights are either "illegal" and an "MOT failure waiting to happen"


Can any of you guys lend an opinion, do I have anything to worry about?


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I think it would depend on what it looks like when the bulb is lit (does it adversely affect the lamp brightness &/or colour?)

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Realised it was pointless covering my plate now :')


Took a photo of it the other night to see how it looked, live photos created a convenient loop:


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Two things to remember in regards to the law when it comes to modifying vehicle lights.

- The lights have to remain the same colour as the original (I.e. Brake lights must be red, not purple etc.)

- The tints can't dim the light more than 50%

If you're stopped by a police vehicle for the purpose of them talking to you in regards to your light tints, there are actually ways for them to figure out how much light percentage is being let through (the same goes for tinted front windows)

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