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grinding type noise? when braking


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Hello all, recently had a coolant pipe "fail" and all the coolant poured out. This has now been fixed and the car is operational again however, I've noticed now since having the car back from the garage that their is a strange noise coming from the wheel area when I brake. It's hard to describe, what I can say is that when I brake , it almost sounds like metal on metal contact...but not exactly that...it's like needs lubrication if that makes sense? at first I noticed it when I brake even a light amount (it was very loud) as time is going on, it seems like it may be going away gradually. I don't think the brake pads are going as whenever I've had them in the garages, they've always commented on how good amount of pad I have left and I don't believe it is the brake fluid either as from what I've read on google, you wouldn't "hear" when the brake fluid was low, but rather feel it in the pedal itself and I don't. I've given around 50-100miles since having the car back and the noise is still there, but hard to notice most of the time from all the usual noises of driving but it is there still. I'm wondering what it could be? I notice the sound more when I brake quite firmly and turn at the same time I even soemtimes feel the pedal pulse a bit, almost like ABS is kicking in, but I dont feel I'm braking harder than any other time I've had this car and so for the ABS to start kicking in at this level of braking seems odd to me. 


Any ideas?

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1 minute ago, Anderson said:

Thanks for replying, how might I personally check the brake pads to see if they're worn e.t.c?

If you look through the alloy, there is normally a little window in the caliper where you can see the pads (or lack of them).  Sometimes you need to look from underneath and a torch comes in useful!

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