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Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps


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Of course Ford don't make mudflaps for the Zetec-S..

I've seen Lenny's guide of buying and fitting aftermarket mudflaps for the Mk2/2.5 but I've been unable to find anything for the Mk3 despite many requests from Mk3 owners..

Can anybody with a Mk3 Zetec-S advise the best course of action? 

I've seen these for sale but they seem expensive to me?


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OK, so I've got a Rallyflapz set ordered (£98..)

Again I'm clearing out my desktop images and going to post three pics of an American Focus. I'll certainly be interested in seeing more pictures of UK/IE examples with actual Rallyflapz mudflaps fitted please..

Just to give me a guide, I've seen some examples which have had the flaps fitted that really stick out (surely this isn't a good idea?)

New mudflaps 2.jpg

New mudflaps 5.jpg

New mudflaps 10.jpg

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I've had those from Performance Creations on my Focus for a while now and I can't fault them. Only took and hour and a half for me to do all four too.





Had some on my Subaru too!




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On 9/4/2017 at 6:14 PM, mama_bear said:

Only problem I've found with the after market mud flaps is they scuff when putting it in to a bend hard and tend to break 😐 already on my second set in 3 months 

Are yours made from Polyurethane? I would of thought the Poly ones just bend rather than break?


JamieC yours look almost identical to my Rallyflapz ones, nicely polished vehicle too (jealous)


DRSDriver, it's a little hard to see yours but I love that matching colour coordinated red on the bottom of your rear flaps!


OK, so here follows a compendium of photo of fitting my Rallyflapz.. Also (just in case anybody is interested) I've also uploaded the fitting instructions here


02 Front Parts.jpg

03 Plastic Trim Removal Tool.jpg

04 Car on Jack.jpg

05 Front Fitted 1.jpg

06 Gap at Front.jpg

07 Front Fitted 2.jpg

08 Rear Parts.jpg

09 Rear Fitted.jpg

10 Rear Trim.jpg

11 Rear Shot.jpg

12 On the road 1.jpg

13 On the road 2.jpg

14 On the road 3.jpg

15 On the road 4.jpg

16 On the road 5.jpg

17 On the road 6.jpg

18 On the road 7.jpg

01 All Parts.jpg

Manual Thumbnail.jpg

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Five months on and I'm beginning to wish I'd trimmed a little off the bottom of these flaps. The roads around us aren't exactly horizontal so I'm getting ground contact fairly frequently. Worth bearing in mind if you order a set of these.

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