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MK2 Misfire


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So my poor focus has another issue just days after fixing her power steerings. The car is misfiring! on cylinder 2. Opened up the spark plug well and they have water inside, rusty water I have cleans most of it out but its still miss firing! Should i go ahead and replace the sparks? what else could this be? 

OB showed a misfire
Something to do with ruinning above stalling speed
and something about air fuel mix.

I really hope its only the sparks! I have never replaced them. 

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Unfortunately the leaky screenwasher jets is a known MK2 issue, you (or however does the work for you) needs to be really patient and careful when trying to remove the spark plugs otherwise it's a head off job :wallbash:

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I have what i really, really hope is good news. Replaced the spark plug in cylinder 2 in the auto parks car park. The car didn't misfire once on the way home. I did have a fight getting the remaining 3 off. but i managed it with no issues. the only casualty was the tool i brought for the job, it was cheap!

I have attached a photo of the sparks. I really hope this fixed the problem. 

Re: the washer jets. I know of this already :D I guess i just buy some new jets? 


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You can remove the jets, clean the area and put a little sealant on them when you replace the jets in the bonnet apertures, or you can buy new jets with seals on them. 

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