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Fiesta 03 1.4 TDCI lots of blue smoke from exhaust


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I have a ford fiesta 2003 1.4 TDCI that is blowing a lot of blue smoke out of the exhaust, here's the details, hopefully someone can help!

Ford fiesta 2003 1.4 TDCI
Serviced Oil/fuel/air filters replaced and fresh oil
Still very good fuel consumption
Slight Diesel smell inside when running
Lot's of blue smoke when pulling away and accelerating 1st and 2nd, I guess the speed after is dispersing the smoke, been getting worse and worse since a run to Ireland and back in December
Rocker cover gasket needs replacing
No loss of power
Not using a weird amount of oil, 3/4 on the dipstick since service

Lots more smoke after idling for a while then pulling away

Some pages suggest turbo on way out, a lot more say injector seals, any advice please? Going to have a nose around it tomorrow and check for any tell tale signs!

No play in turbo, or oil
Nothing suspicious on oil inside of oil filler cap
Lot's of crud around injector seals

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"Some pages suggest turbo on way out, a lot more say injector seals, any advice please?"  i don't see how injector seals could cause smoke from the exhaust.   Injector seals can cause the smell inside the car.  Diesel seeps out around base of the injectors and then cooks on the hot cylinder head in little puddles around where it comes out. as it cooks it becomes black tar like goo and smells.  

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I agree with isetta, injector seals wouldn't cause blue smoke and you should be able to hear a chuffing noise from them if they had failed.

I would suspect the turbo seals as your 1st port of call.

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Thanks peeps, been confirmed as turbo seals now.  Are these the turbo gaskets?  As the turbo has no play would it help to replace them, £15 for a gasket set vs £120 + vat for a re-manufactured turbo or £60-£80 for a 2nd hand one!  As you no doubt have guessed I'm a mechanical moron, gimme a 2 stroke bike and I'm all good, anything else I needn't bother


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I don't know for sure but I tend to think it's not the gaskets, but a seal on the turbo shaft. I would imagine it's a bit like a crankshaft seal on a two stroke bike engine (but smaller), but I am guessing a bit here

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Turbo has been replaced and still getting lots of blue smoke from exhaust :( was real bad today whilst stuck in traffic idling and when I pulled away, well, ***** embarrassing amount of smoke, anyone got any ideas?  It first smoked like this at Christmas after sitting in a ferry port with the car idling for an hour as the weather was freezing and was trying to keep warm with the heaters, I pretty much filled the car deck with smoke :(

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On 14/07/2017 at 4:59 PM, Jethro_Tull said:

Turbo oil seal, or maybe breathers.  Do NOT drive the car in this condition unless you like diesel runaway (Google it).

if this happens RUN! (If your brave , pull a few pipes off) 

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