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Sync 3 Music cover art


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I have Sync 3 and re-ripped most of my CDs to FLAC format which Sync 3 supports.

But some cover art doesn't display what I have saved to the FLAC/ MP3 files, it either displays nothing or a random picture which is NOT on the 128GB USB flash drive.

Part of me thinks it is Grace Notes related, but I had to disable Grace Notes as it was renaming the albums I had ripped, but they are OK  after I disable it.

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I'm going to assume the album arts display correctly in windows media player. I sometimes have this on my pc where all the covers change to the same one. It creates a temp (or that's what I consider it) file in the same directory, but these are not the same as normal hidden files.

Instead go to File > Options > View > Hide Protected Operating System Files (recommended). Untick that box, and there may be a few album arts called "AlbumArt_{RANDOM LETTERS AND NUMBERS}_Large (or small)". Delete all of them and try it again. Seems to work for me all the time.

If that doesn't work then it's probably something you've done to rip the songs.

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Thanks but there are no files like that as I delete them when found, I also have deleted Thumbs.db when found.

I do though have the cover art as folder.jpg as this put the cover art as a picture on the folder.

I use FreRIP MP3 Converter, which does RIP FLACs, I edit tag using MP3tag.

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Use mp3tag, you can ensure that album art is correct and tracks play in the correct order.
I have a quock guide for this in my link under all my posts.

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