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2012 Ka, easy fix for knocked electric nearside mirror?

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Hi all,

I write to see if anyone can comment on a problem with the nearside electric door mirror of our 2012 Ka.  While we were away this weekend someone helpfully knocked it off.  Strangely there seems to be no damage to the mirror housing, no obvious damage from a collision etc, but the mirror housing has broken at the pivot point, where the mirror housing is connected to the piece which is bolted on to the door.  The mirror itself also fell out of the housing and was hanging by a cable but popped back in easily and the electric adjustment mechanism still works.

However, I cannot work out how to put the two pieces back together again.  None of the plastic seems to have snapped; I can't see anywhere which suggests that something has broken off with force.  As far as I can tell the mirror housing must somehow snap/click/slide into place onto the piece which is bolted onto the door.  I've attached a couple of photos (not great quality though).  The light coloured parts are slightly tacky but otherwise I can't see how the two join together - it can't be glue, can it?!  There were no pieces of plastic on the ground around the car.

Can the two halves be re-joined easily? Or do we need an entirely new mirror?  At the moment gaffa tape is doing the job, but of course only temporarily.   All comments will be gratefully received.


Photo 23-07-2017, 20 58 59.jpg

Photo 23-07-2017, 20 59 12.jpg

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On 7/24/2017 at 0:43 AM, Stoney871 said:

The white spots appear to be heat glue so likely you need to glue the halves back together.

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Thanks, much appreciated.  Perhaps the glue just gave way and the two halves fell apart.  It would explain the lack of any impact damage on the mirror.

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