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DieselTuning Spider Arachnid Tuning Box


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Seriously not looking to start a discussion here about what tuning method is best - I know we all have different ideas based upon different experiences and different research.  Originally I poopooed (heehee :rolleyes:) the idea of these tuning boxes, having read many horror stories about problems with engines after installing.  However, this was based upon (my) zero knowledge of different tuning methods or reading myself on how these boxes work.

It seems that most of the naysayers are folk who are really talking about the 'early-days' tuning boxes, ie, a resistor in a comparatively giant plastic box that eats turbos, however looking for actual reviews on Arachnids specifically there seems to be nothing but good from all walks of life, on all vehicles and for months and months after installing (presumably the owners stop banging on about it after a while but it still continues to work flawlessly!)

Stephen @madmole, I'm really looking at you here - as the biggest advocate for these things (I saw what must be your review btw =)) I'm looking for as much information as you can give if that's ok?  I don't really want a sales pitch as I've been on their website already, but as much detailed information about installation, setup, usage and removal (if you have) from your own personal experience as you can would be massively appreciated and just maybe, we might be able to encourage a few more folk that this could be the way to go?

I've got the thing sat in a cart with the FOC30 discount code already applied (thanks for that).  There was apparently a 'sp40' code for 40% off, but that's now expired.  My finger is hovering over the 'pay now' button and I think I need that final push.

The other thing I MUST consider is the insurance impact.  My insurance already almost doubled when coming to this car from my 1.6 petrol Mk1 as I was halfway through the year and want to get the NCB (I went on my own insurance quite late on and only have 4 years).  If this is going to massively hike it then it may put the kibosh on anyway cos there ain't no way in hell I'm not telling them about it.  Obviously I know that noone can really tell me but my insurance company but others' experience would be welcome.

Anyone else who has one, please share - good and bad.

Anyone else who HAD one and went for something else with better results, please share - when and why.

Anyone else who is going to tell me that it will kill my engine and not to buy one:  unless you were on the design or build team for them or unless this happened to YOU and not your cousin's sister's dog's breakfast's brother; thank you but no thank you.


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Ho Phil. Seems to me you really do not need any more Info on the Arachnid tuning box.
Ok I've not had one but I had a Roverron tuning box on a MG ZT diesel for over 7 years and some 80k + miles with no adverse effects what so ever.
Go for it. Ok ask your insurer 1st what affect on your premium (if any) It'll have.

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one of the problems with insurance companies is that a lot of idiots work in insurance companies. I mean, they have people handling motor insurance who don't even have a driving licence or know how to open the bonnet on a car. How can you have a sensible conversation with them? A lot of them won't actually understand what you are referring to (tuning box or remap etc) and in their mind it's always easier to say no. I am pretty sure some insurance companies will say no to any modification that affects the performance. They start coming up with things like how do we know the brakes can cope with the increased speed etc, and other things about the attitude of the driver eg. you want to increase the performance of your car so you must want to drive in a dangerous aggressive manner.

Never just hope they won't charge too much extra. always check with your insurance company before you spend money to avoid too much unexpected cost or resistance from the insurance company. their attitudes will vary a lot between insurers I reckon.

(ps I have worked for 8 different insurance companies)

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Wow one truly peed of person.
Mind you a train of thought has started.
What I'm going to do when I speak with possible insurance company is ask their qualifications in their answers etc.
Good post isetta.

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I had a tuning box few year back can't remember what make now, but easy to install plug in n plug off 2secs.

tbh I did notice a difference straight away but after a few miles my engine management would come on.

taken box off car was fine

box on same again.so sent box back for full refund.

i then got intouch with Celtic tuning who were great n remapped my car in the end and I don't look back now.

my expierience with tuning boxes I would personally say AVOID.

unless it's by a company like Celtic tuning who also do tuning boxes then you know there going to be on with no issues.

to many crap floating round the web n it's your car your it's going on n can cost loads money in repair bills.

stick to proper companies for boxes.

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thanks for replies so far. @Damien, having had a look at the company themselves, its blatantly clear that they are not a fly-by-night operation.  I think I'm happy with the authenticity of the company to be honest.  Also, I like the idea of an easily reversible (and reapplicable) option.  I don't want to lose my map and have to pay or travel again to have it reapplied really.

It's more if the the outlay of £300 is worth it.  @isetta, I would be sure to make the change to my policy BEFORE buying.  I've heard that folk have rung up and asked what the impact would be, been told £60 or so, gone away and had a remap done, then been told when calling the ins co back that its now a £200 hike.  I'm not falling for that one.


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What type box you looking at if you don't mind me asking? Bluefin is highly recommended you can reverse it manually anytime yourself.

and I know what your saying bout the price for map mate fully understand.

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I've heard about bluefin but im looking at the spider from diesel tuning. Stephen really rates them and they appear to be quite flexible with several on the fly presets.

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Good news and bad news.

Good news is Hastings Direct don't hike the premium for my newly fitted DRL's.  Bad news is they won't even entertain the lowest level (10% BHP increase) remap for my car.  I mean they're already charging me £70 a month to insure the thing and its not exactly a 3 litre v6...

Isn't it funny? I started driving when I was 21 and everyone said "don't worry, insurance drops at 25". I hit 25, everyone said "don't worry, insurance drops at 30".  So now I'm 30 and insurance is more expensive than ever...

Granted I was only a named driver for a while since I couldn't afford to drive otherwise.  Having only 3 years NCB might have something to do with it.  But you watch.  It'll be "don't worry, insurance drops at 5 years NCB..."

Self-pitying rant over.  I wanted my remap is all...:sad:


Have fun at FordFair, all you remapped, ST'd and RS'd buggers :biggrin:  

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