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Flexi Pipe replacement in 2013 1 litre fiesta


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After thinking the exhaust had blown on my car, I took it to my local garage who said the flexi pipe had gone, easy to replace but because it is attached to the catalytic converter, I have been quoted £350 for the work as he will need to replace the whole thing. Is that right??

I have looked online and can see flexi pipes etc at around £60, but obviously have no real idea what I am looking at!!

Could I take it to a reputable exhaust repair and have just the flexi pipe replaced, or is it better to get the whole thing done by this garage?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be great.



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Shop around and get a couple quotes by all means. You have to remember you're paying for labour here. Chances are they will have to remove a few parts to get at it, which is how the price starts to shoot up. I would advise you to take it to another shop forst and see what they quote. Just don't tell them you've been quoted £350 before they tell you their price. 

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its 2 hrs to remove and refit the catalyst(air con compressor needs moving to one side) where have you seen the flexi part online? cant see there being enough room on pipe to cut out and sleeve a flexi part in so if flexi is available separatley it may need welding in .

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first link shows clamp on style of flexi section, second shows weld on style (ot for your car but shows you the type of thing).

I have no idea if you can get them for  your model of fiesta or what the space is like for fitting them. 

If what has happened to yours and the only way is to replace the whole thing I would be gutted.

My wife's focus was 14 years old when we sold it and it still had the original flexi pipe on it, it looked poor but never leaked.

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