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Turbosmart Dual Port Installed!


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As i said in a previous thread, i finally installed the turbosmart Dual Port Valve. I found the installation quite confusing for me so i let a good mechanic friend of mine to do the job. When it was done, we test drive it. Here is the impressions...

1.- If you drive very slowly and calmly, uncle-mod, you will feel you haven't changed anything.

2.- If you drive happy (revving up to 2.500-3.000) and shifting, then it will make a weird sound like a ¿pigeon? (ill come back to this)

3.- If you run fast! here the sound comes. Sounds like an EVO! nice and clear Swoosh sound.

Im very happy with it, i haven't noticed loss in power, nor nothing similar. Coming back to the 2 point, its the only thing worrying me a little. I don't know wether its the valve making that sound coz as im not really flowing air into the turbo, so its like open-close-open-close making that funny noise (this is what the mechanic of mine said), or its the air going backward into the turbo and stopping the spool... this is what i don't want! any ideas, helps?

Also, my friend advised me to change the air intake, coz the valve itself its quite hidden so by changing the air induction it will become much louder. Don't know about this...


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