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Ford ka start up problem


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My 10yr old ford ka has recently had a mot and since the mot it has been having start up problems almost like it has a flat battery. This only happens after a car drive and when I only stop for around 15/30mins the car is unable to start but does start an hour later. The speedometer flickers very quickly for about 10 seconds and the engine makes a noise but doesn't start. Also during longer journeys after about an hour I notice some dashboard lights turn on such as the abs and air bag lights. The car radio also switches itself of which indicates low battery, however, these problems only happen during a car journey not when it's first being started in the morning. The first time I noticed the dashboard lights on the speedometer strangely went from 60 to 0 back to 60 numerous times then stayed to 0 yet this has not happened since. When the car doesn't start the trip count also resets itself. Another problem (don't know if it is connected) is that during a long journey the car revs uncontrollably almost like someone is pressing on the rev peddle quickly on and off for about 2 minutes. This especially happens when waiting in traffic.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be as the garage say they can't see anything wrong with it. Many thanks!

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sounds like an alternator issue to me

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have the altenator checked or replace it with a second hand one. it may pay you to take off the    and clean it with brake cleaner or wd40


the car in the video maynot be the same as your one but it will give you an idea what to look for.



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doesn't really sound like an alternator problem to me otherwise it would have flat battery problems in the morning wouldn't it?.

First thing I would do is some voltmeter tests. 

In morning what does voltage show across battery terminals and from cigarette lighter before you start it.

After a journey at a time when it will not start what does voltage show across battery terminals and from cigarette lighter.

I am thinking more like a connection problem. eg are all cables on the battery terminals in good order and not poor / corroded connectors.  Also the other end of the earth cable. Also does it have a thick earth cable going from engine to chassis - check both ends.

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