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12V/Aux issue


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My iPhone charger accidentally dangled inside the 12V socket earlier this week, and after some little sparks it now no longer works and although the Aux input seems to still sort of work, the sound quality has been ruined. I'm wondering if I just replace the sockets that the problem will be solved, or do I need to do something more?


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Maybe the arking has caused the contacts to turn black, hence not making a good enough connection to work. Replacing it probably isn't a bad idea at this point.

Not sure why your aux is bad though. 

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Chances are you have fried something. Replacing both is probably your best bet. I recently installed an Aux on mine and the Jack in fitting, cables and connector on the head unit side all came as one. It was however only £24 on eBay for an official ford part so not a huge deal there. You can easily do it yourself the most difficult part is removing the cd unit as you need special keys, (eBay it again) and it is a real pain to pull it out. You will also need to remove the gear stick trim. As for the the 12v connector these are even cheaper but installation will obviously also require removing the gearstick trim.  You can try force it but it isn't worth it. If you are doing both remove the necessary trim and do it properly. If you are replacing the cigarette lighter, have you considered putting a usb charger in there instead. Not sure how easy this is but have been told it can be done.

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