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Fuel temp sensor


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Cmax 2.0tdci 2011.  Does anyone know where the fuel temp sensor is. The eml light has cone on, and codes flagged up

Fuel temp circuit a intermittant, and fuel temp circuit b intermittant. I cleared the codes hoping it was a glitch, but they came back. Car appears to be running fine.



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Light came back on in a matter of mins unfortunately.

I have found the fuel pump, but which of these do you think is the right sensor.  From the photo previously posted, and looking at the orientation, I would presume the lower one of the 2!!



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Well the garage I took it to reckoned the sensors I thought it was were fuel connections..... And said the sensor was under the hp pump. They would need to remove air filter housing, scuttle and boost control solenoid to replace. Does this sound right?????? 

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