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Alternator issues


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Don’t know if I posted this right but here goes

ive been told by Halfords that my alternator is over charging but also told by a friends garage that it’s not.. help please.

the cars showing on the gage anything between 14.5 and 15.. is this bad

the cars a 2013 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci titanium eco

any help would be very greatful 

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A friend of mine broke down close to our local Halfrauds a few years ago in her '02 plate Yaris. They pushed the car in there for them to investigate and they said that she needed a new battery, alternator and starter motor and that it would be around £350. It was at this point that I got a phone call from her asking for help. I directed her to my bro-in -laws garage. He found that it was just the earth lead from the battery that had corroded through and the cost to replace it was about £4 for the part !!!!!

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I was stuck miles away from home an had to get a new control arm replaced at an MOT (failed on the way to the check), Halfords  installed a new arm an forget to do the bolts up. They also lied on an MOT certificate adding advisories on which were BS and tried to get me to have my timing belt replaced because "at its age it looks like its about done, failing to fix it could result in hundreds of pounds of repairs so they strongly recommend to get it done today as well"

Which was interesting considering I changed it about 20k ago :D

NEVER going back to them ever again, however in saying that, the store staff are nice, and they have the gear to load test a battery for free which is useful.... and we get 15% discount in there... but their garage, never again!


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