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possible Coolant leak


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Hello everyone, 

I noticed a couple days ago that my coolant in my 1L ecoboost was about an inch below minimum. My car is a 16plate, done about 28,000 miles so I don't understand what it could be. Called ford and explained and they've booked it in under warranty for Monday. The engine isn't overheating, but the coolant tank is bubbling after I shut the car down (I am trying to ignore what i've read on the internet about that :whistling:)

anyone else experienced this? 

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Hi Matt. My car is considerably older than yours so may not be relevant. I experienced the bubbling noise once when I'd actually pulled over to let my son out, and at the same time the temp gauge was going from middle to high and back. I shut the car down for a couple of minutes, then started it back up again. All seemed fine, I got the car the few miles home to discover the expansion tank was almost empty.

I waited for it all to cool down and settle, and topped it up. The problems continued. Coolant was disappearing at some rate. The thread is here somewhere, my problem was a crack in the thermostat housing. I'm not sure if I'm of any help here but I thought I'd let you know. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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