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Quick question from a ‘newbie’


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Hi guys, some of you may recognise my username from around the FOC, currently I drive a Mk5 Mondeo but that may be about to change.


I’m considering a 1.5diesel engine coupled to a powershift box. Does anyone have advice, good or bad?


I drive 15m along an ‘A’ road to work and 15 miles home again. A manual car is no longer an option following a couple of fractures to my spine and I was given a link to a video about the dual clutch powershit* box so I’m a bit more aware of its flaws now. My question really is about the DPF, having never owned a diesel car I know very little about regens and ‘forcing’ them etc. Is it a bad move to get the diesel? I’m not bothered with the extra money charged for a diesel as I’m not buying new, I am concerned about if I might have any bother with the DPF and how can I stop potential issues.


Thanks for reading, and for any opinions you guys can offer.





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I don't know but I'll swap my Mk3 diesel focus for your mk5 mondy :D

Damn, it's a manual too...

Someone round our way has a black Mk5 estate with 19s on and it looks great.

Good luck finding what you need mate.

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The latest Ford diesels (in the larger cars at least) come with the much stronger and more reliable DCT-450 box, other than having to have the transmission fluid (and possibly the filter in the box) changed every 3 years (I'm fairly sure it's every 3 years) you should be fine transmission wise.

I reckon 15 miles each way on A roads is probably borderline for the DPF (engine will get up to full temp even when it's -2C outside but you'll probably be 5 miles into your journey so doesn't give the engine that long to run at it's proper operating temperature.  As long as you were also doing at least 1 longer run every month you'd likely be fine, especially with the "coated" DPFs which are a lot more robust than the crappy 1st gen ones fitted to many of the older Ford TDCi units, no more silly 75K miles top ups of the nasty DPF fluid etc.

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