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Mk 2.5 PAS pipe quick release coupling?


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Can anyone confirm the quick release coupling is stuck on the pipe once fitted and any more maintenance needs a new high pressure pipe purchased all over again.

I have the modified pipes but after a cam belt, and subsequently a thermostat change it started to weep again... this has goes worse over the last year, till it needs topping up each week.  I thought I could just get a new quick release union and fit that but garage says the only way to remove the pipe is to cut it off

this can't be right, can it, various forums suggest it is ???

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odd how a ford document on earlier cars refers specifically to a tool to release the PAS quick release coupling

Insert the special tool into the hose quick- release coupling.






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are you guys really telling me I need to spend 400 quid because an 8 quid coupling can't be swapped out in 20 minutes?    not much point in chucking £140 of parts at it without swapping out the original 140k mile pump.... wot a joke

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would appear that there's a lot of misinformation and very average mechs out there....

ford even sell the o ring in the quick release coupling as a separate part.... that would not be the case if the idea was you had to snap off the high pressure pipe and replace the coupling and pipe each time a little oil dribbled out !!!

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