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Mk2 55 plate 1.6 TDCI loss of power.


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Guys looking for advice please,  Tuesday afternoon my car lost power checked fault code Er 0608 blocked DPF filter😭.

Drove my car up and down the A50 at high speed and the filter did not regenerate bought some DPF cleaner added it to the fuel did the same again but tried it in 4th gear light still stayed on.

i haven’t had time to check the pipe work on the DPF filter yet and not sure if mine has the DPF fluid separate tank.

car has done 102,000 miles. I have had it 2 years with no problems and money is tight not sure if I should spending money on the car or buy a old banger to tide me over ? 


Thanks in advance Deano.

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Yours will have the additive tank.

Have you got Forscan and a modified ELM327 cable (you mentioned about reading the code) because I think Forscan allows you to do a static regen.  If that fails then it's likely to be garage time.  The DPF may be blocked due to reaching the end of it's service life,  but it could just as easily be blocked because of an underlying fault such as some of DPF hoses being knacked which would also need fixing as well as clearing out the DPF itself.

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