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MK2 Focus Clunk Noise & Loud Creeking Steering


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Hi Guys,

First post on here so hello everyone :)

I have a couple of problems with my 2005 MK2 Focus:

1. When i accelerate most of the time there is a very loud CLUNK from under the drivers side, it happens in low gear and also does it when i floor the accelerator in 5th doing 70mph.

2. Steering has started make a god awful loud creeking noise, like a metal door needs a good oiling. Its more noticeable in low gears at low speeds. Garage have greased the steering rack but that hasn't worked.

Any ideas on what could be the issue? Garage think it may be a cv joint for number 1, and for number 2 have suggested a new steering rack at £200


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Don't know if it helps but my 2004 mk1 did a similar thing but more of a moaning sound than a creaking. Never got it fixed but always assumed it was a problem with the power steering pump.


Wait. That doesn't help at all does it?

Sorry. :wallbash:

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I would check the exhaust for movement give it a good shake and see if it bangs off anything then if not inspect you control arm bushes especially the ball joints and also your upper rear arm bushes in regards to the banging. If it's the front arms it may be what is causing the steering issue and there is also the front shocks/mounts to check too.

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