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2017 Focus Key problem


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Hi all,

Just had an issue where I could not get into my Focus. Drove to shops and parked up for 10 mins, when I got back the key fob would not open the car - even the physical key in the lock would not open it and boot would not open. Changed the battery in the key - still the same. Got roadside assistance out who had to prise the back door open and then use a tool to wind the window down. Once I had climbed in the window and put the key in the ignition the car came back to life and started working fine again.

Has anyone ever had this? the breakdown guy couldn't explain it.



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There is a central locking function whereby if the car is left locked for  several weeks the remote fob is disabled. To re-enable it the car must be entered using the key and the engine started. This happened to me and at the time I didn't know about it but got into the car with the keyblade hidden in the fob (my car is keyless start), the alarm went off - apparently that's normal, started the engine and everything came back to life. Then I read the manual :laugh:

It sounds like a glitch caused your system to become disabled like this. I don't understand why you couldn't unlock with the key unless the lock cylinder was frozen.

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