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MK2 Focus Estate same to V50?


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1 hour ago, RoomyMusician said:

Hello, I am wondering, wheather Focus estate has the same rear susupension mount than Volvo V50? Estate has shock mounted at an angle and longer coil spring ( different than hatch).

I just did a quick search on Euro Car Parts for a 2007 2.0 diesel Focus and a similar Volvo, the site gave the exact same matches.

Clearly this isn't a definitive answer but it seems like the parts are the same, it is largely the same car in a nicer looking dress. :biggrin:

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The same platform does not automatically mean the same physical understructure.  It means that dimensionally they are identical, or are scalable from one another.  Key datum points such as door hinges, suspension mounting points etc share the same relative position in 3D space so can be made on the same, or an identical, production line.  It does not mean they share a single common part, although they often do.


In the V50's case, the rear suspension is externally the same, but you may find spring or damping rates differ, so best to stick to a Volvo or quality aftermarket source for springs or shocks.

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